Easy Money Saving Tips for the New Year

Another year on the horizon and the stock market is in turmoil, so what can you do the shore up your finances during these uncertain times? Here are a few simple tips to help you keep your sanity (and your wallet) from washing away with the tide:

  1. Review Your Car Insurance Deductibles.
    Aside from state-mandated minimums, the car’s age, annual mileage and how safely you drive are key determinants in your auto insurance rates. Review your auto coverage periodically to make sure you are not paying more than you have to. Paying extra to keep your deductible small may not make sense for minor claims or repairs, especially if you rarely file claims.
  2. Plan Your Travel for Off-Season
    It’s nice to visit family during the holidays, but considering the added stress caused by over-crowded planes and freeways (let alone sky-high seasonal airfares), these trips can sometimes be less than jolly! Making minor changes in your travel plans to celebrate these and other occasions either a few days earlier or later than the actual dates can often save you big bucks and make your wallet much merrier.
  3. Use Motion-Sensors with Your Lights
    Just like not repairing a drippy faucet, leaving lights on longer than necessary only serves to raise your electric bill when you are no longer in the room. Visit your local hardware store or search the internet for wall switches, plugs or or screw-in light sockets with electric eyes built-in that turn the lights on whenever they sense motion.
  4. Check Your Service Plans
    Cell phones and cable companies are notorious for up-selling and charging you for services or add-ons you rarely use or need, and they are not inclined to tell you about it. Review your actual usage and contact your providers to let them know you only want the plans that specifically cover the options you want and use.
  5. Get a Checking Account That Pays You Interest
    If you’re interested in earning on your checking account, speak to us about obtaining an interest paying account that offers bill paying, mobile banking and other handy services to put your money to work for you!

Need more ideas or advice? Call your branch today and speak with a representative!