Embrace Online Banking – Here’s Why

The internet is transforming businesses and consumer experiences in new and exciting ways every day and the trend is only going to continue. Banks in particular have embraced this change, and following are some of the benefits F&M Bank offers to support this new age:

  1. ATM Access 24/7
    It all started with ATM’s that allowed us to check account balances and pull cash out easily, even on weekends and holidays when banks were typically closed. ATM technology has really helped extend banking hours!
  2. Online Account Access and Money Transfers
    Setting up your accounts for online access is simple and safe and gives you the ability to monitor your account balances and pending transactions in real time. Plus, if you have a checking account and either a money market or savings account, you can set them up to permit money transfers between them, giving you the convenience of moving your funds where needed.
  3. Direct Deposit
    Many employers now offer direct deposit of paychecks for their employees freeing them from the need to manually deposit paper checks. Say “good bye!” to the stress of worrying about making it to the bank on time. Plus, no more time spent waiting for your check to clear because once received electronically, you have immediate access to these funds.
  4. Mobile Check Deposit
    Another method making it easier to make deposits at all hours is mobile check deposit. Assuming you have a smart phone and online account access, all you have to do is download our app, login to your account, sign and snap a photo of both sides of the check and click to submit it to us for deposit.
  5. Automatic Bill Payments
    Lastly, setting up an online payment schedule can help you avoid stress because bills can be paid automatically and on time with no stamps! This is really handy for regular bills like auto or mortgage payments where the amount is constant.

Ask to speak with one of our friendly associates for any help you may need to “embrace the change!”