While we continue to social distance, we should not have to worry about distancing from our finances. Now more than ever there is a need for contactless banking and we have you covered.

  1. Mobile Wallet
    A mobile wallet is essentially a “virtual wallet” application (app) that stores your debit or payment card information on a mobile device that allows you to make in-store purchases directly from those devices.
    Using a mobile wallet gives you the security of digital encryption stored by the mobile payment provider and allows you to make purchases without needing to carry a payment card wherever you go.
    After loading your payment card information, look for the icon on retail registers to know if digital wallet is accepted, then simply hold your phone over the payment register and follow on-screen prompts to complete your payment. No need to touch the register or fumble with your payment card.
  2. Person to Person (P2P) Payments
    With person to person (P2P) payments, you can easily send money to a family member or pay back a friend in real time, directly and free. By using our online banking or mobile banking app and going to transfers, you have the option to move money from any account via email, text message or directly to a recipient’s U.S. debit card. No need to write a check or carry cash to split the pizza bill, pay back a friend, and more!
  3. Online & Mobile Banking
    Online and mobile banking, or E-Banking, is an electronic payment system that can be accessed on your computer or smartphone giving you the ability to view balances, check statements, and make transactions from the comfort of your home. Paired with Bill Pay you can pay bills from anywhere on the go.
    Although e-banking is not a new concept, it is now safer than ever and gives us the flexibility needed to access our accounts anywhere. To get started with our e-banking products, simply go to www.fmbank.org and select the “New User” option to fill out an application.
  4. Text Banking
    By signing up for text banking, you can check balances, confirm deposits, make transfers and more in a safe and convenient way. Unlike a mobile wallet, text banking is done just through text messages and still gives you full access to your accounts.
  5. Freedom Line (Phone Banking)
    Our Freedom Line enables customers to perform over the telephone a range of financial transactions which do not involve cash or financial instruments, without the need to visit a bank branch or ATM. The Freedom Line is an option available 24/7. To use the Freedom Line simply call 1.888.563.3336!

Contact us to learn more about how you can setup contactless banking!

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published on 09/3/2020