Business Banking for Entrepreneurs and Agricultural Business Owners

If you plan to manage your farm effectively or set up a business in your local area, you must choose the right financial institution that offers the banking products you need.

You can do it with Farmers & Merchants Bank. We offer a range of business banking solutions ideal for farmers, as well as small and midsized businesses.

Helping Community Businesses Grow and Succeed

Our bank provides business savings accounts to help you grow the funds of your small company securely and give you more flexibility on your cash flow. We also have a business checking account, which lets you accept credit card payments from customers and keeps your financial records organized. If you need funding to upgrade equipment, inject capital to your operations, buy land, or refinance existing debt, you can apply for one of our business loans.

We’ve created these banking solutions with your success in mind.

Specialized Solutions for the Farming and Agribusiness Sector

We are no stranger to the effort and time spent in the agricultural industry. Working in a volatile sector, you are prone to financial surprises. Farmers & Merchants Bank minimizes these surprises. Our bank offers a full suite of agribusiness farm equipment loans, farm real estate loans, working capital lines of credit, and more.

Using our in-depth experience in the agricultural industry, we offer support and security in the form of flexible loans.

What We Offer

  • Beginning Farmer Loans. We ease the financial burden of first-time farmers by providing start-up plans and competent business advice, which includes cash flow and financial analysis.
  • Land and Farm Building Loans. If you are interested in investing or expanding your farm business, we offer real estate loans that suit your current financial situation.
  • Livestock Loans. We structure our cow/calf loans on annual payments with due dates that coincide with the dates of your expected sales. We also offer annual renewable lines of credit to accommodate borrowing needs for livestock-related expenses.
  • Equipment Loans. We offer equipment loans for all types of agricultural equipment, from farm machinery to row crop and rolling stock.
  • Land Financing. Our lending services are ideal for farmers who are interested in refinancing their existing land loans or expand their operation.
  • Crop Production. Seasonal crop production loans are often structured as non-revolving lines of credit with maturity dates. If you wish to retain ownership of your crops post-harvest, we provide loans for crops in storage.

Should you apply for a loan, we’ll need the following information for an agricultural loan request:

  • Financial statements from the previous year
  • Payment stubs and/or annual tax return
  • An updated list of farm equipment, inventory, livestock, and other farm property
  • Verification of income
  • Current list of debt obligations

Work with a Bank that Understands

Farmers & Merchants Bank possesses a specialized understanding of the different agribusiness sectors. Extensive knowledge of each sector enables us to recommend specific loans that will help your business thrive, no matter the financial climate.

We specialize in the following sectors:

  • Food and Agribusiness. Our full-service team works with clients to offer insights into trends that impact end markets and supply chains. Our cash management consultants and financial specialists are well-versed in customizing loans and other financial solutions.
  • Our team understands the dynamic nature of the industry. We assist with equipment financing and herd and feed lines of credit.
  • Permanent Crops. Our Ag lenders will assist you in caring for your crops financially — from farm to table.

We’re not big believers in lengthy delays or “runarounds.” With your permission, our team will discuss your future operation plans. We’ll learn more about your current financial situation, exchange ideas to improve your financial exposure, and work on areas for improvement.

Agribusiness Professionals At Your Service

Farmers & Merchants Bank’s experienced team is composed of individuals from different experiences and backgrounds in finance and banking. We have the resources and commitment to deliver competitive value to agricultural businesses that choose our services. Our agribusiness experts partner with your management team to analyze and determine the ideal solutions for your current and future financial needs.

Why Bank with Us

We let you perform banking transactions anytime, anywhere with our mobile banking and online banking features. With these options, you can pay your bills, view account statements, and deposit checks.

Besides convenience, our bank has been around since 1903. We’ve survived the Great Depression in the ‘30s, weathered the inflation challenges in the late ‘70s, and lived through the Financial Crisis of 2007. Count on us to provide the banking solution that’s right for you.

Call (765) 869-5513 or drop by one of our multiple branches in Indiana.

Business Checking

We offer checking accounts for businesses with low and moderate transaction volumes. Apply for this account to keep your cash separate from your personal funds.

Business Savings

Our savings accounts provide convenient access to your business’ money and earn interest to grow your funds.

Business Health Savings Account

This account allows your employees to manage their health care costs and deductibles securely and conveniently.

Business Loans

Whether you need an agriculture loan, a business line of credit, an equipment loan, or a mortgage, we have the lending solution that’s suitable for your needs.