Business Loans

Agriculture Loans:

We offer much more than just your typical farm purchase or operating lines of credit. See below for a list of other ag products offered

~ Leases

~ Operating

~ Equipment

~ Farm Purchase

~ Seed & Fertilizer

~ Building & Bin Storage

Two men stand in a wheat field looking at an ipad in front of a large warehouse
Leasing, Financing, Buy a Car

Lines of Credit:

Let us supplement your business operations with a line of credit!

~ Working Capital

~ Inventory Purchases

~ Cash flow management

~ Accounts receivable financing


Equipment Loans:

If you’re looking to upgrade or replace equipment, we’re here to help! See a loan officer today to talk about your equipment needs!

Two large yellow coal trucks in a strip mineoffice table with a laptop, scissors, tablet, phone, lamp, paper, and other office supplies
some dollar bills and coins on a table in front of a model house

Mortgage Loans:

Whether you are trying to purchase 100 acres of farm ground or a commercial office space, we can help! See us for any of your business real estate needs.

~ Land acquisition

~ Renovation/expansion

~ Industrial/warehouse

~ Office/commercial

~ Single Family Rentals

~ Apartments