Offering an Array of Personal Loan Products

Additional funds to buy what you need is within reach with Farmers & Merchants Bank. Our community bank in Indiana provides various forms of personal loans, including a personal car loan, a personal home equity loan, and a personal mortgage.

Why Get a Loan from Our Bank

We make quick loan decisions for our valued clients. Expect a speedy outcome when you apply for a personal bank loan. Our friendly staff will inform you of the outcome and quickly release the much-needed funds if approved.

Dial (765) 869-5513 to learn which lending solution is best for your needs.

Auto Loans:

Looking at a new or used car? Farmers & Merchants can help you get it. You can receive financing for a new or used automobile; interest rates and terms vary based upon year of vehicle and amount of the loan. We also offer refinancing so you can adjust the terms of your current loan to fit your finances. Our loan terms are flexible and can be up to 66 months!

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Mortgage Loans:

Ready to buy that first home or looking to upgrade? Do you need to make a home improvement or are you looking to refinance? Let us help.We offer and make fixed rate mortgages, and decisions are made right here so the process is quick and easy. Our flexible terms are set to fit your needs. Payments are made to us, so your money stays in the community. Plus, because we are locally owned and operated, you are guaranteed to always be working with someone you know and trust.

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Home Equity Loans (open and closed):

At Farmers & Merchants, we offer open and closed Home Equity Loans. An open-ended home equity line of credit allows you to access the funds when necessary. A close-ended home equity loan, on the other hand, gives the money in the form of a one-time, lump-sum payment. Our loans give you great rates and terms on Home Equity Loans so you can take that vacation, pay for college, or make those home improvements that have been in your dreams.

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Personal Loans:

Need money for personal or unexpected expenses? We can help you get exactly what you need. We can even help you get that motorcycle or RV you’ve been dreaming about!

You may also use a personal loan to refinance debt with a high-interest rate, merge multiple debts into a single one, borrow funds without putting your assets on collateral, and support or rebuild your credit standing.

Just call us, and we’ll take it from there