Making Deposits on the Run…

As your local community bank, we constantly search for ways to deliver more conveniences and services to our customers. We initiated contactless services to help keep you safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, and as many of you already know, we have embraced online banking and mobile banking.

We are now pleased to announce that we are adding another convenient banking option for you: A second ATM that is capable of taking deposits safely and securely 24/7! Following are a few things to know about how to make deposits at our upgraded ATM locations:

Call us to get an F&M debit card – THIS IS A MUST!
First, to take advantage of this newest feature, you need a Farmers & Merchants Bank debit card, so contact your local branch to get one ordered today!

Next, just insert the debit card into the ATM and follow the ATM’s on-screen prompts. For example, after entering your debit card PIN (which will be sent separately from your debit card and can later be changed by you), read and follow the on-screen prompts that help walk you through the process. It’s simple to do, and if you make a mistake, just hit the return/back button to start over!

Be sure to first carefully count your cash to confirm the amount being deposited when this confirmation is requested by the ATM. Similarly, for deposits made by check(s), make sure the amount on the check(s) matches the total amount of the deposit(s) that you are making.

Note either cash or checks can be deposited, but check deposits and cash deposits must be submitted separately, and each deposit transaction is limited to no more than 50 items (checks or bills) per deposit. As such, if you have more than 50 items to deposit at one time, you will have to make additional transactions and separate them into multiple deposits.

For check deposits, some of the funds deposited may have limited availability until the check has been processed overnight, however, the full deposit is available the next business day if deposited before 3:00 PM, or within two business days if deposited after 3:00 PM. The ATM’s screen prompts will display the current funds available and the applicable deposit posting information while you are making your deposit.

One last important thing, don’t forget to sign the back of your checks! If the check is not properly endorsed, it cannot be processed until retrieved from the machine which may lengthen the time needed to fully process the check(s) and give you full access to the deposited funds.

As always, F&M Bank is here to assist you with your banking needs, so call us if you have any questions!

NMLS #718145

published on 02/26/2021