Services & Solutions for our Agriculture Community

March is National Agriculture Month! Which means it’s a great time to recognize the vital role that agriculture plays in our country, state, and community. This is particularly important to us at Farmers & Merchants Bank as our company was started in 1903 when a group of fifteen farmers and leaders got together in the small town of Boswell to create a bank based on key principles of honest answers, genuine compassion, a family environment, dependable people, and accurate service.

We are guided by those principles today and pride ourselves on providing services that are specifically suited for the needs of our agriculture community.

Real Estate Loans
Land and facilities are critical to the business of farming. Whether making a purchase to expand your operation, adding a new building, or just looking to refinance your current mortgage, we offer loans for your real estate needs. We understand the importance of a tailored solution which is why we provide various repayment options, flexible terms, and competitive rates.

Operating Loans
Cash flow is the lifeblood of running a business – and a farm is no different. We offer operating loans and lines of credit to provide working capital to help you manage day to day expenses like repairs, parts, feed, or seed, so you can focus on running your operation. Because farming is cyclical, we offer financing that is flexible and customized to address your specific needs.

Equipment Loans & Leases
If you’re looking to upgrade or replace equipment, we can help. Whether planting, towing, spraying, or harvesting, you need reliable equipment to get the job done. Our ag equipment loans can be used for a range of essential farm equipment and vehicles to ensure you have things running smoothly. Thinking of leasing instead of buying? Just reach out and we’ll help identify the best solution to suit your cash flow and financing needs.

If you need agricultural financing for land, equipment, or working capital, please contact a member of our team. And again, we recognize and thank our friends in the agriculture community!

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published on 03/01/2022