3 Banking /Finance Related Professions

It’s time for sharpened pencils and sharpened minds. Let’s get back to school! This month, we thought we’d get a jump on the learning season and highlight some of our favorite finance- related professions.

Here are just 3 banking/finance related professions which might be worth pursuing if you are really into numbers!

1. Banker. Well, isn’t this the obvious choice for number one? We LOVE banking. Being bankers allows us the opportunity to impact peoples’ lives for the better by helping customers plan their futures, purchase homes, autos, businesses and more! It also allows us to impact our communities. We serve our communities in so many ways. We serve on boards, volunteer in organizations, and get to know our neighbors in ways we never imagined!

Key Skills: Customer service, strong decision-making, critical thinking

2. Financial Advisor. Financial advisors provide financial advice to clients and create custom plans to follow based on individual needs. They get to know people’s goals, strengths, and dreams. Then they can help them plan for their future and retirement so they can have full, meaningful, and successful lives. Doesn’t that sound rewarding?

Key Skills: Business development, detail-oriented, analytical thinking

3. Accountant. An accountant handles bookkeeping (for individuals or businesses) and prepares various financial documents such as statements, balance sheets, profit, and loss reports and more. Accountants play a vital role in the success of individuals and businesses.

Key Skills: Critical thinking, knowledge of accounting practices, ability to analyze data

We’re excited for the new crop of students getting ready to start their educational journeys and work toward the professions which, hopefully, they will find as rewarding as we find ours in banking!

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published on 08/15/2022