More than a Bank: Your partner in Cyber Security

The digital world we live in today has many conveniences, but it also comes with some inconveniences such as fraud. We are often asked about best practices for protecting against fraud. Here are 6 easy tips to keep in mind to help keep your data secure:

  1. Change passwords often. We hear you. It’s annoying to change your password all the time; HOWEVER, it’s one of the easiest and best things you can do to keep your data safe. The more often you change it, the harder it will be for hackers to access your info. We think that is worth the effort!
  2. Don’t use easy to guess passwords including special dates or family names.
  3. Don’t ever share your password. Period. The bank will never call you and ask for your password or verification code.
  4. Use our security & transaction alerts. This is real time info which will keep you updated on login attempts & debit card use.
  5. Don’t click on email links you don’t recognize. Pay very close attention to the email addresses in your inbox. Look for misspellings and poor grammar – two tell-tale signs it could be fraudulent.
  6. Contact us immediately if you suspect fraud. We will help assess the situation and put the necessary procedures in place to ensure your data is protected.

We value you and your data. If you have any questions, please reach out to your banker or your nearest branch. We’re more than a bank. We’re your partner in cyber security!

NMLS #718145

published on 08/07/2023