The Importance of 4H

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As summer fair season wraps up, we’d like to reflect on the importance of this special organization. We value all organizations which make our cities and towns stronger as a whole, and 4H has an extra special place in our hearts – mostly because of all it does for our youth. Many of us have participated in 4H as young people and continue to participate as volunteers.

The 4H’s in 4H stand for head, heart, hands, and health. This motto promotes engaging our youth to reach its full potential. As proud supporters of local 4H programs, we are honored to volunteer at our local fairs and support local youth with monetary donations.

Here are 4 things we really love about 4H:

  1. 4H allows young people to make friends, develop skills, become leaders, and shape their communities!
  2. 4H creates an environment where youth can feel they belong and thrive.
  3. 4H teaches independence and strength by giving youth confidence through the programming.
  4. 4H allows youth the develop a spirit of generosity.

We’re deeply committed to serving in every way we can and continue to support our 4H youth. And we’re passionate about 4H for all the value it brings to our youth and to the communities we serve. Congrats to all the 2023 4H participants – we’re proud of you! At Farmers & Merchants, we’re more than a bank. We’re your proud partners in 4H!

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published on 08/31/2023