6 Tips to Avoid Overspending this Holiday

Can you feel it? Fall is in the air. The leaves are turning into gorgeous hues of bright reds and orange. Football, fires, and fall festivals are in full swing!  That means the holidays are right around the corner. Before long, you’ll be making your holiday gift list! It’s easy to go overboard, but this holiday season, don’t get wrapped up in overspending. No stressing allowed – we’ve complied a short list of tips to help you save this holiday season.

  1. Set a budget. This simple but helpful tip will allow you to stay on track. Make a list or spreadsheet and set a realistic amount for each person for whom you are shopping. Then stick to it. Challenge yourself to come in under and see how much “extra” you can save!
  2. Clip coupons! This is a great way to save, and coupons are plentiful during the holidays. There are also many online resources for couponing you can check out – coupons.com, retail me not, honey, etc.
  3. Use points. Most credit cards have points rewards, and this is the perfect time to use them. Don’t let them go to waste!
  4. Make that special gift! Are you crafty? Perhaps your loved ones would enjoy receiving a hand-crafted item made by you! Personalized, unique gifts given from the heart can be more special and more economical too!
  5. Create your own “Naughty or Nice” list. If you buy a gift for more than six people outside of your family, perhaps it’s time to rethink your budget. Okay so you don’t have to completely ignore those friends, but consider baking them cookies, candy or making a small ornament! We promise, they will feel special either way.
  6. Give the Gift of Time. Instead of buying a gift, consider just spending some quality time with your loved one/s. This is always a welcome gesture – especially if you are otherwise unable to spend much time together!

Start your 2024 of on strong financial footing with these tips! There are many ways you can save money and still experience a joyful and special holiday season. Need more helpful tips? We love to talk savings! Give us a shout. We wish you a safe, happy holiday full of savings!

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published on 10/27/2023