Christmas Club 2024 Savings

Here we are at the end of another year. Chances are your holiday shopping is almost finished and hopefully you stayed under budget! But if you didn’t, we offer a great product for you to start planning for next year! Sign up for our Christmas Club account and rest easy that you’ll be prepared and stress-free next year.

Our Farmers & Merchants Christmas Club account features a low balance to start, and deposits of any amount can be made November through October. A check will be issued in October and interest is paid when the check is prepared. You’ll receive your check just in time to begin your holiday shopping!

Benefits of our Christmas Savings Accounts Include:

  • Guilt-Free Holiday Shopping. Our Christmas Club account helps you save specifically for holiday expenses. By contributing a fixed amount regularly throughout the year, you create a festive nest egg that allows you to celebrate without the stress of overspending.
  • Financial Peace of Mind. Knowing that you have a dedicated fund for the holidays empowers you to fully enjoy the season without worrying about the financial aftermath.
  • Avoiding the Holiday Debt Trap. With the allure of sales, promotions, and holiday splurges, it’s easy to fall into the holiday debt trap. A Christmas Club Account serves as a guardrail, preventing you from accumulating debt and helping you maintain financial stability during and after the festivities.
  • Stress-Free Celebrations. Picture this: no last-minute scrambling for funds, no maxing out credit cards, and no post-holiday financial blues. A Christmas Club Account provides the financial cushion needed for stress-free celebrations, allowing you to focus on creating cherished memories.

This is just another way we are looking out for you. Early planning can help save you some money and stress next holiday season. See your Farmers & Merchants banker today to learn more about this convenient product!

NMLS #718145

published on 12/5/2023