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Embrace Online Banking – Here’s Why

The internet is transforming businesses and consumer experiences in new and exciting ways every day and the trend is only going to continue. Banks in particular have embraced this change, and following are some of the benefits F&M Bank offers to support this new age: ATM Access 24/7 It all started with ATM’s that allowed […]

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Easy Money Saving Tips for the New Year

Another year on the horizon and the stock market is in turmoil, so what can you do the shore up your finances during these uncertain times? Here are a few simple tips to help you keep your sanity (and your wallet) from washing away with the tide: Review Your Car Insurance Deductibles. Aside from state-mandated […]

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Keep the Sparkle in your Holidays

Many people know the saying “give until it hurts,” however, the pain of over-spending during the holidays is unfortunately common to most of us. Follow these simple tips to keep the Holidays festive and avoid the shock of “Gifter’s Remorse”: Set a budget and follow it: This is common sense, but it can be hard […]

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